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Daily Archives: August 19, 2013

More Trains and More Friends

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Here are some more pictures from the days that Aunt Erin and Grandma Kim took me to see the trains and the elephants. It is Aunt Erin’s birthday today so that means she gets cake and that makes me wish she was here so I could have cake too. Not everyone understands me but I do say “aun ern” when I see her picture, so that means she is my friend because I know her name. Now I am friends with grandmas and grandpas and mama and daddy and naanaa (Hannah) and Ry (Ryan) and ah-ver (Oliver) and Mass (Max) and Drew and aun leldlela (Aunt Luella) and Seh-ah (Sarah) and Co-ee (Corey).

02-IMG_2316 03-IMG_2321 04-IMG_2322 05-IMG_2350 06-IMG_2351 07-IMG_2357 09-IMG_2390 10-IMG_2402 12-IMG_2407 13-IMG_2414 IMG_2313a IMG_2442a