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Daily Archives: August 26, 2013

Cleaning the Lawnmower

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Corey really likes lawnmowers. He likes them so much that he has two. One he keeps in the garage and one he keeps in the backyard.  I think he keeps it there for me to practice with.  I know he cleans the lawnmower off after he is done, so I try to keep mine clean too.  I dip my hand in the water, then I rub the lawnmower, then I dip my hand in again.  It helps if you talk about what you’re doing too, so I say “clean, clean.” It makes me so thirsty I’m glad I usually have water left over.  Mama says the water is yucky and not to drink it, but I think about it for a minute and usually decide not to waste it. All you need is a little Watermelon afterward to get the funny taste out of your mouth.