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Cleaning the Lawnmower

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Corey really likes lawnmowers. He likes them so much that he has two. One he keeps in the garage and one he keeps in the backyard.  I think he keeps it there for me to practice with.  I know he cleans the lawnmower off after he is done, so I try to keep mine clean too.  I dip my hand in the water, then I rub the lawnmower, then I dip my hand in again.  It helps if you talk about what you’re doing too, so I say “clean, clean.” It makes me so thirsty I’m glad I usually have water left over.  Mama says the water is yucky and not to drink it, but I think about it for a minute and usually decide not to waste it. All you need is a little Watermelon afterward to get the funny taste out of your mouth.



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  1. So glad Corey has help keeping his lawn mower clean! Such a cute helper! ❤

  2. She does like to eat things. About the only way you could have kept her from drinking the water would have been to tell her it was spicy. Even then, she probably wouldn’t have believed you.


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