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I went on an adventure with Max and Oliver to go see sunflowers. When we got there, we saw that the flowers were missing the sun part. The yellow was all gone. Oliver found a really cool patch of dirt though, so we had fun kicking the dirt. Max showed me how if you ran fast enough you could hide. I like running fast, but I always have to work hard to convince mom to do it too. I say “Mama run!” She has a hard time keeping up with me because I run so fast.

01-IMG_2693 02-IMG_2695 03-IMG_2698 04-IMG_2704a 05-IMG_2708 06-IMG_2716 07-IMG_2718a 08-IMG_2720a 09-IMG_2746 10-IMG_2759 11-IMG_2781 12-IMG_2785

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  1. Why do sunflowers always face the same direction? Those big ones seem to be staring down at you. I hope they didn’t say “feed me!”

  2. The sunflowers always face you hita cause they look toward the light!

  3. That is a very big field of sunflowers you found to play in. Did you eat any seeds? I wander why the birds hadn’t found the flowers?
    I do question about your running because I know your Mom can run VERY fast.
    Love you Grandma Roma


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