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2 Years Old

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Today is my birthday! I am twice as old as I was last year. I am much more grown up too. Sometimes I even tell mama and daddy what to do.  I just have to say “mama run” and she’ll start running. Nobody else can get mama to run.  I also know more things now, like what an S looks like. Sometimes I know what color things are, but those are tricky.

I still like it when everyone pays attention to me, like they did at my party on Saturday.  I would be happy for everyone to come sing and bring me presents and cake all the time. Mama says that only happens once or twice a year though, and that if I’m good I can have more at Christmas. I will try hard to be good. Sometimes Corey asks me if I’m a good girl and I always say “yee-up” because I do good girl things like give hugs, kiss babies, share my hats with doggies, wear helmets for safety and I even help take down decorations after my own party. For sure I’m a good girl so Santa will come see me and I can have birthday cake.


01-IMG_3186 02-IMG_3196bw-cawndle-blow-2 03-IMG_3216 04-IMG_3223a 05-IMG_3231 06-IMG_3232 07-IMG_3238 08-IMG_3260 09-IMG_3271 10-IMG_3282a 11-IMG_3286a 12-IMG_3287a 13-IMG_3310a 14-IMG_3314a 15-IMG_3315a 16-IMG_3335 17-IMG_3348a 18-IMG_3383a 19-IMG_3396 20-IMG_3406a

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love seeing your party pictures. It was a very nice party the Mom and Dad had for you.
    Love you, grandma

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What joy you have brought to our lives. I can’t wait to see you so we can have a substitute birthday party because that’s what I do!


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