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Fall Again

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“tree” “see tree!” “rake!” Mom says before I was born she told everyone to get me shovels and rakes for presents. I’m glad she did because I really like playing with shovels and rakes.  You can dig holes and get leaves all in a pile.

“stars!” Daddy and mom made me wake up so early last weekend that I got to see “stars! sky!” Then we went on a long ride and walked through some grass. “oh hike!” mom said walks with no sidewalks that you have to ride to get to are called hikes. I like hiking, you walk through the grass and climb the rocks. It was a very cold hike though. It made my teeth go click click click. The trees were all yellow, but I didn’t have my rake with me so I had to play with sticks and have mom hang me upside-down instead.

Mom said last fall we went on the same hike, and now it’s fall again so we went back. I even wore the same coat. I’m not sure why she wants to fall again, but we did have to go a different way because there was water in the stream instead of just a ditch and some of the roads were all gone where the water washed too hard.










10-IMG_3713a 11-IMG_3759









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  1. I love the second-to-last picture.

  2. Why did you need to close your eyes when you were upside down? Second-to-last pic is my favorite, too, even though they’re all fantastic.

  3. These are all so much fun! I see Max in the background and I think Sara too! Sylvie, you always have so much fun…do I see a holiday card in the making? 🙂

  4. The blog name needs to be changed to Sylvia really says! She is talking like a news reporter.
    ” spicy, I dunno, Jump, More, I want some, and probably hundreds more! My favorite though is…… ” Grandpa!” 🙂 A whole lot of fun.


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