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I Like Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! “Santa open presents” at my house. I hope he came to your house to open presents too. Thank you everyone for all the cards and boxes. I love them all! I got cool clothes and a sparkle ball, and Corey made me my very own baby horsie and I got a barn so he has a place to live. I think I might need a bigger barn because he doesn’t fit yet. Daddy made me lemon poppy seed pancakes with raspberries on top for breakfast. “I like it pancakes!” and “I like Chrismass”



Sometimes I wake up very early. Ok all the time I wake up early. But it’s hard to stay awake the whole day when mom makes you do stuff like snowflake production.


I wanted to go outside, but only two of Dad’s shoes were by the door. So I had mom wear one and I put one on.

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Happy ChrisGiving

There is a holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s called ChrisGiving. That is where you get  to go to the airport and go on the airplane and see Gampa and Gama and Aunt Lella and Uncle Daygo and Auntie Ewin and Auntie Lowen. I miss airport and airplanes now that I am home.

I had so much fun at Aunt Lella’s house! I played with her tree, and helped Gama Kim and my cousins make ornaments and hanging them.  I played with the phone that made Gama and Gampa’s bed get hard and soft. I got to give Aunt Lella’s dogie lots of hugs. I played cars with Auntie Ewin and I saw lights and trains at night. I even got to get cookies from everyone, it was so easy to find a new person every time to ask. My favorite cookies were called Bis-co-chee-toes.

I hope everyone had a good ChrisGiving like I did.

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I See Santa!

When Mom doesn’t work, she takes me to places with Hannah and Max and Oliver. This time mom said we could see santa. I don’t know why, because last time I saw him at the mall he seemed scary. But we went and followed the signs and mom tried to get me to sit with him again. He was still a strange man, so I didn’t want to. But mom said she would sit with me, so that made it better. He also gave me a candy, and I really like candy. Afterward we went and looked at the flowers and trees in the store, and I followed everywhere that Max went, because I’m big like him.

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Impending Doom

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Hold on. I’m gonna eat you carrot.” I didn’t want the carrot to fall off before it could get to my mouth, so I had to tell it to hang on to the fork. I was hungry.


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This is me and my Gampa! I got to go ride in the car to see him and my Grandma Kim in a nice town in the mountains called Buena Vista.  Gampa understands Spanish so he told me that Buena Vista means pretty view.  When mom showed me this picture, and asked who was in it, I reminded her that it’s “Gampa, swimming”.  He took me in the pool at the hotel and let me swim with him.  Grandma Kim bought me a chocolate chip muffin that was all full of good melty chocolate.  Mom said, ok enough spoiling and we climbed up the mountain to see the beautiful view. I am a very good hiker and climbed the whole way.  I have to remind mom I’m not a baby anymore by saying “I do it myself.”


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