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This is me and my Gampa! I got to go ride in the car to see him and my Grandma Kim in a nice town in the mountains called Buena Vista.  Gampa understands Spanish so he told me that Buena Vista means pretty view.  When mom showed me this picture, and asked who was in it, I reminded her that it’s “Gampa, swimming”.  He took me in the pool at the hotel and let me swim with him.  Grandma Kim bought me a chocolate chip muffin that was all full of good melty chocolate.  Mom said, ok enough spoiling and we climbed up the mountain to see the beautiful view. I am a very good hiker and climbed the whole way.  I have to remind mom I’m not a baby anymore by saying “I do it myself.”


01-IMG_4263 02-IMG_4270 03-IMG_4277 04-IMG_4284 10-IMG_4281a

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  1. Sylvi,
    I Really enjoyed swimming with you. You had perfect swiming motion that will keep you afloat soon enough ! And all that excercise at over a mile high makes us real hungry for good meals like cc muffins, Uncle Jason’s biscochtos and Aunt Luella’s Christmas Posole. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Great pictures—Scott makes me cold all over looking at him with those shorts on!!! Maxine came last night, Roma Tuesday — they don’t know it but they have been booked up with cake making, pies and I’m not sure what else is on the list. Have a wonderful Christmas Aunt Marva

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