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I See Santa!

When Mom doesn’t work, she takes me to places with Hannah and Max and Oliver. This time mom said we could see santa. I don’t know why, because last time I saw him at the mall he seemed scary. But we went and followed the signs and mom tried to get me to sit with him again. He was still a strange man, so I didn’t want to. But mom said she would sit with me, so that made it better. He also gave me a candy, and I really like candy. Afterward we went and looked at the flowers and trees in the store, and I followed everywhere that Max went, because I’m big like him.

01-IMG_5371 02-IMG_5377a 04-IMG_5479 06-IMG_5521 07-IMG_5525 08-IMG_5550a 09-IMG_5561 11-IMG_5564a 13-IMG_5565 15-IMG_5581a 17-IMG_5618a IMG_5613a


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  1. Sylvie, you look so big running after Max! And, it was very nice of you to sit with Santa and mom and tell them how much you love candy. It looks like you picked out a lot of Christmas trees! I hope you have very Merry Christmas!


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