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Happy ChrisGiving

There is a holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s called ChrisGiving. That is where you get  to go to the airport and go on the airplane and see Gampa and Gama and Aunt Lella and Uncle Daygo and Auntie Ewin and Auntie Lowen. I miss airport and airplanes now that I am home.

I had so much fun at Aunt Lella’s house! I played with her tree, and helped Gama Kim and my cousins make ornaments and hanging them.  I played with the phone that made Gama and Gampa’s bed get hard and soft. I got to give Aunt Lella’s dogie lots of hugs. I played cars with Auntie Ewin and I saw lights and trains at night. I even got to get cookies from everyone, it was so easy to find a new person every time to ask. My favorite cookies were called Bis-co-chee-toes.

I hope everyone had a good ChrisGiving like I did.

01-IMG_5934a 02-IMG_5943a 03-IMG_5950a 04-IMG_5960a 05-IMG_6015 06-IMG_6026 07-IMG_6038a 08-IMG_6040a 09-IMG_6059a 10-IMG_6062a 11-IMG_6067 12-IMG_6103a

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  1. I had the best time ever at Chris-giving!

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all. Merry Chrismas!


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