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Daily Archives: December 25, 2013

I Like Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! “Santa open presents” at my house. I hope he came to your house to open presents too. Thank you everyone for all the cards and boxes. I love them all! I got cool clothes and a sparkle ball, and Corey made me my very own baby horsie and I got a barn so he has a place to live. I think I might need a bigger barn because he doesn’t fit yet. Daddy made me lemon poppy seed pancakes with raspberries on top for breakfast. “I like it pancakes!” and “I like Chrismass”



Sometimes I wake up very early. Ok all the time I wake up early. But it’s hard to stay awake the whole day when mom makes you do stuff like snowflake production.


I wanted to go outside, but only two of Dad’s shoes were by the door. So I had mom wear one and I put one on.

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