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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Daddy’s Birthday

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I know Dad had a good birthday yesterday because I made him a really good cake and a pretty card that I “peented” myself.  Happy Birthday Daddy!



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Do you ever get really really curious about how something tastes? I do. That’s why I licked the bottom of my shoe. Mom got pretty excited about It, so I thought about trying again even though it didn’t taste very good, but she wouldn’t let me.


All the Birthdays Should be Mine

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Mom told me this morning that we were going to a party, so I guessed, “A birthday party for me?!” Mom said no, it’s for my friend Ainsley and that we had to give Ainsley a present. I didn’t like that idea, I think it’s more fun to open presents myself. Mom said we could also do something for Daddy’s birthday too because it is coming up on Wednesday, so I asked if maybe we could make that one mine. Mom has been real tough lately, because she wouldn’t let me have that birthday either! I did have fun making music at Ainsley’s birthday. She also gave me a cupcake, but I was afraid she might take it back since it was her birthday so I tried eating it all in one bite.

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Ice Castles Again

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We went to the ice castles in Silverthorne when I was a little baby. Mom says the ice castles don’t live there any more. Now they live in Breckenridge. I remember I went to Breckenridge when I was a baby too and I saw ice there. I guess ice can live in more than one place. This time I got to go with mom and Hannah and Oliver and Max and we tried to run everywhere! Mom said to slow down, but I just told her. “I can’t slip.”  I was a little worried that the icicles would fall down on my head. They looked pokey. I wanted to try licking them because icicles sound like popsicles but mom said, if I did I would get stuck there forever, so I just touched them and caught the water dripping down.

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I Knock Blocks

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It was Jackson’s birthday yesterday. I don’t think we gave him any presents, so it must not have been his best birthday ever. On my birthday I got blocks for a present. I like to play blocks. Mom stacks them up and then if I ask nice, she lets me knock them down. I stack them too. I make robots and cars and I even play with my blocks in my bathtub sometimes.  I like to knock blocks the best though. It is so fun when they go CRASH!


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