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Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

Ice Castles Again

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We went to the ice castles in Silverthorne when I was a little baby. Mom says the ice castles don’t live there any more. Now they live in Breckenridge. I remember I went to Breckenridge when I was a baby too and I saw ice there. I guess ice can live in more than one place. This time I got to go with mom and Hannah and Oliver and Max and we tried to run everywhere! Mom said to slow down, but I just told her. “I can’t slip.”  I was a little worried that the icicles would fall down on my head. They looked pokey. I wanted to try licking them because icicles sound like popsicles but mom said, if I did I would get stuck there forever, so I just touched them and caught the water dripping down.

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