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All the Birthdays Should be Mine

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Mom told me this morning that we were going to a party, so I guessed, “A birthday party for me?!” Mom said no, it’s for my friend Ainsley and that we had to give Ainsley a present. I didn’t like that idea, I think it’s more fun to open presents myself. Mom said we could also do something for Daddy’s birthday too because it is coming up on Wednesday, so I asked if maybe we could make that one mine. Mom has been real tough lately, because she wouldn’t let me have that birthday either! I did have fun making music at Ainsley’s birthday. She also gave me a cupcake, but I was afraid she might take it back since it was her birthday so I tried eating it all in one bite.

1-IMG_8054bw 2-IMG_8044 3-IMG_8023

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  1. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    You are welcome to have my birthday, Sylvie. I will gladly trade presents for not aging.

  2. If you play your cards right you can celebrate your birthday over and over again. For example, Uncle Diego and Aunt Luella came this week end to help Grandpa and I celebrate our birthdays. And after a certain age you don’t want presents, just treats. I didn’t try to eat all of my birthday dessert in one bite, but I was supposed to share it. I won most of the spoon wars and got the most bites! Just have fun helping other people celebrate their birthdays.

  3. Love watching her grow and learn. She’s such a sweetie

  4. Cake shoving picture also an excellent desk photo!! I WANT ALLL THE PHOTOS OF SYLVIEEEEE!!!!!


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