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Baby Goats and Fairies

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I had a good day. Dad put me in the car and when I woke up I was a fairy in a far away land. In this farm land there were all kinds of creatures, like big big daddy goats that tried to climb through the fence to say hello, and little baby 1 month old goats, who must really like fairies because they followed me all around. I decided that fairies love goats too and I gave them real big hugs. I also saw a doggy and a kitty and chickens. I said Gobble gobble to the chickens but they did not gobble back at me the way the turkeys that live near my house do. They must have to get to know you first or something.






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  1. Lovely!!! The picture where the goats head is cradled next to her own head melts my heart!

  2. omg my heart exploded and soiled my desk

  3. THe picture where shes blowing the dandelion would also make an excellent desk photo….. i’m thinking its a good thing I have a big desk!!


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