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Mango Shark

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When you are at the beach, there are guys that come to your house and give you things. My Favorite was the Mango Man. He would cut a mango into a flower and put it on a stick for me to eat. Mom and dad tried to get some bites because they liked it too, but it was hard for me to share. They said that I was a mango shark. When I wasn’t on the look out for Mango Men, I was very busy at the beach. I spent most of my time in a tent that mom and dad made for me. There was a faucet and some buckets and some sand. My job was to turn on the faucet, fill up my bucket, pour it into or on another bucket or ball, then pour that into the sand. I pretty much did that any time I wasn’t eating mangos or napping.

IMG_0858 IMG_0859 IMG_0862 IMG_0870 IMG_0874 IMG_0876 IMG_1002 IMG_1006 IMG_1008 IMG_1173a IMG_1177a IMG_1182 IMG_1183b IMG_1398b

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  1. Love the shark vest. Sand and water are a winning combo for Sylvie!


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