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Monthly Archives: July 2016

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 I will tell you the story of my double wasp sting. “I was at the park we were having my picnic at and was playing in the playground. I stepped on one step and suddenly it landed on my forehead and I was going to smash it with my finger but before I could I got stinged! Then I rushed to Mom and Dad to tell them what happened.” Mom and dad and bandaids helped me feel better pretty quick and I went back to play.


New Smells

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I’m painting today. See the on the left side of my picture where it’s red? “Those are injure dots. They have the smell of hurtness. These green spots are healthy dots and they smell like calcium.”

Hello There World!

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Hey everyone! My name is Simon. You can call me Si or Si -Man or really whatever you want. My Zero birthday was on May 12th and so far, the world is a pretty great place. I have a sister who gives me hugs all the time and a mom and a dad and lots of people who love me. It makes me so happy. I’m over two months old now and I’ve been working really hard at my jobs, which are growing and sleeping. I am 13 lbs 6.4oz which is in the 69% and I am 24 1/4″ tall which is in the 90%. I’m going to grow up big and strong like my sister and dad. I had to get poked three times at the doctor’s office today. I was so sad, I made my sister really sad. I will have to think of a way to cheer her up, maybe some smiles.


When your piggy bank breaks

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“Look at the money! They have Prince Washington on them.”

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“I really wish Daddy was home. I like him way better than you Mom because he’s nicer.”

Moving to Minnesota 

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I don’t like being in time out! I told Mom “You’re not my favorite Mom anymore and when I grow up I’m not going to live near you. I was thinking about living near you but now I’m going to live far away. I’m going to live in Minnesota!”