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Hey everyone! My name is Simon. You can call me Si or Si -Man or really whatever you want. My Zero birthday was on May 12th and so far, the world is a pretty great place. I have a sister who gives me hugs all the time and a mom and a dad and lots of people who love me. It makes me so happy. I’m over two months old now and I’ve been working really hard at my jobs, which are growing and sleeping. I am 13 lbs 6.4oz which is in the 69% and I am 24 1/4″ tall which is in the 90%. I’m going to grow up big and strong like my sister and dad. I had to get poked three times at the doctor’s office today. I was so sad, I made my sister really sad. I will have to think of a way to cheer her up, maybe some smiles.


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  1. Sort-of-Aunt Sarah

    You’re growing up so fast, Simon! I love your happy smiles and had so much fun at the park with you and your sister the other day. Will is trying hard to grow big and strong like you so he can be your bff!


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