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He´s a weirdo.

Too cold!!!!!!!!!!!

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In the summer my air conditioning is too cold!

Kid Talk Intro

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Kid Talk is a safe and kid friendly  version of TikTok and….(Drum roll)    Its Created By A Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So don´t worry your info is in perfectly safe hands😁  😑-seriously



p.s.   Kid Talk is full of short funny videos (and pics)

p.s.p.s my first video will be called Too cold!


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“Mom, when I have my rain boots on my feet don’t have enough vigor to pump myself so I can swing.”

A Spider Queen

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My sister had a party with balloons and spiders and Grandma and Grandpa. They say she’s 5 now, but she still looks like my sister Sylvia to me. Grandpa taught me a fun new game called tope tope (you say it tope-A tope-A) that means you bonk heads. It’s pretty funny.




I was so excited for my party! “We played pin the spider on the web and me and my friends played. That was me in my spider queen outfit and me and my friends eating cake. The happy part was when my friends came over. The sad part was that a piece of my cake fell on the ground!”




The grass is greener

Kindergarten Requirements

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Hi guys! My sister started school today and mom says I can go when I know how to talk and walk, so I worked on the talking part. My words made mom laugh. It made me laugh too.

Simon is right. He should learn to talk as fast as he can because I thought school was great! “My favorite part was listening to the principal tell us the rules.” I also want to go to school by myself. I don’t want Mom or Dad or anyone to walk with me. I promised Mom I would look both ways and run fast across the street when there are no cars. She said I had to show her I could do it right first. I told her I could do it perfectly the first time because I’m an expert.

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 I will tell you the story of my double wasp sting. “I was at the park we were having my picnic at and was playing in the playground. I stepped on one step and suddenly it landed on my forehead and I was going to smash it with my finger but before I could I got stinged! Then I rushed to Mom and Dad to tell them what happened.” Mom and dad and bandaids helped me feel better pretty quick and I went back to play.

New Smells

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I’m painting today. See the on the left side of my picture where it’s red? “Those are injure dots. They have the smell of hurtness. These green spots are healthy dots and they smell like calcium.”

Hello There World!

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Hey everyone! My name is Simon. You can call me Si or Si -Man or really whatever you want. My Zero birthday was on May 12th and so far, the world is a pretty great place. I have a sister who gives me hugs all the time and a mom and a dad and lots of people who love me. It makes me so happy. I’m over two months old now and I’ve been working really hard at my jobs, which are growing and sleeping. I am 13 lbs 6.4oz which is in the 69% and I am 24 1/4″ tall which is in the 90%. I’m going to grow up big and strong like my sister and dad. I had to get poked three times at the doctor’s office today. I was so sad, I made my sister really sad. I will have to think of a way to cheer her up, maybe some smiles.