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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fall is Pretty

It is fall.  That means that leaves fall out of the trees, but before they fall out of the trees they turn yellow. I don’t know why.  We went on a hike to go see the leaves and the trees.  I thought the leaves were nice, but I didn’t like the car ride to get there. It was way too many turns and it made my tummy feel bad.  I always tell people I don’t like riding in the car, but they don’t listen.  At least it was nicer on the way back.

My Day in aPhone

Hannah got a new phone. I like phones and her new one is very pretty.  The phone is named aPhone or maybe something different. I don’t know all my letters yet like Oliver does. Hannah’s phone is like mom’s with things you can see on it. I especially like looking at pictures or videos of me. It makes me go oooooh when I see them, it so magic that I am in there.  I think her new phone also does something else, but I’m not sure what.  Maybe it is a naughty detector.  Every time I’m doing something naughty, I look up and there she is pointing it at me.  It’s not very nice of aPhone to tell on me all the time.



The garden in my front yard is very pretty.  There are flowers and green things and rocks in it.  I work hard to help sort-of-uncle Corey keep it pretty.  I check on the green things to be sure they’re still green, if they look like they need fixed then I yell at Corey so he knows to fix them.  I help him put the rocks in new places so they don’t get tired of being in the same place all the time and I help pick the flowers to be sure they taste good. It’s a lot of work, but I see the bunnies come in the morning so that must mean we’re doing a good job.

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On Labor Day I went on a hike with mom and Hannah and Oliver.   We climbed around in the grass and trees.  I found some grass and I tasted it, because mom said it’s good to eat green things.  Well I decided I don’t like eating green things.  They are very pokey in my mouth.  Good thing she doesn’t make me eat that stuff more often.  Blech.  I had fun hiding and playing in the leaves and trees, and looking for yellow leaves, most of them were still green. You can see even more pictures of how I hike over at Oliver and Max’s blog.


When you’re like me and you don’t have very good balance, you have to grab whatever you can so you don’t fall.  I took a little step today, but then I had to grab Oliver.  Another example is from the wedding I went to in Boulder.  Dad put me in the lady’s lap with all the other babies, so I had to grab onto something quick to be sure I wouldn’t fall.  I don’t know why, but I think sometimes people are surprised and maybe not happy when I use them for handholds.

(hint: If you click on the picture below you should be able to see it bigger.)

11 Months

I am 11 months old now.  For my 11 month birthday, mom and dad took me on a hike.  I got to ride in a backpack because they wanted to go fast and I can’t crawl that fast yet.  We climbed all the way up to where there weren’t any trees.  All that climbing made me tired, so I took a nap on the way down.  When we got home, mom took my 11 month picture, but she put me in the grass.  She really should know by now that I don’t like my feet touching the grass.  In one month I will be 1 whole year old!  I am having a party. It’s on the 6th of October and you are all invited.