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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Super Sylvie!

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Actually my superhero name is Super Flower! Oliver says so.  It’s because my cape has flowers on it.  It also works to wipe my face off when I’m “leakin” I’m glad Max is around to warn people when that happens.  Mom says with school and work it’s hard to find time to help me tell the world what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been working on getting better at moving my hands so I can do the typing thing myself.  I can pretty much make my hand go where I want it, I just have to start working on getting the fingers to cooperate now.

Pictures by Hannah:


Ice Ice Baby

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Thank you to Grandma Kim for the title of this blog post.  I welcome any and all suggestions for post topics.  On Saturday I went with Oliver, Max, Hannah, Sarah, Mom and Dad to the ice castles up in Silverthorne.  The ice castles grow over the winter because some crazy guys stand out in the cold at night and hose them down.  You can walk inside of the big towers and see walls of icicles.  I wanted to taste one, but mom wouldn’t let me.


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No, I did not have mom push me and then turn the camera on.  She’s just not quick enough on the record button.  This is actually the third time today that I rolled over from my belly to my back thankyouverymuch.  I feel like I really finished it off well with the gymnastic hands in the air to show that I stuck the landing.  Mom requested that I leave all my new trick performances to the weekends when she can see.

P.S. If I happen to be upside down, that should get fixed when YouTube updates the video, it might take a little bit though.

Kiss and Tell

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Did I tell you that Oliver and Max are my friends?  They are very good to me.  Sometimes it’s fun just to look at them, especially when they’re being robot/dinosaur/superheros.  Also, don’t tell mom, but I’ve been kissed… on the lips… by a boy… who’s not related to me.  Actually I’ve been kissed by more than one boy, more than one time.  Their mom finally had to put a limit on kisses.  So sometimes instead of kisses we’ll hold hands.  They’re also very helpful friends.  Oliver likes to help me sit up and Max likes to help me look at the elephants on the quilt Great Grandma Roma made me.

Good thing Hannah takes pictures of it all for us

P.S. today a window broke at Hannah’s house, but it wasn’t me. I swear it was the wind.

That Book Place

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Yesterday Hannah took me to a building with lots of books.  I’ve been to one of those before when we saw Grandma Susan.  Mom says it’s not the same thing, but I don’t see the difference. They’re both buildings with lots and lots of books.  We stayed for baby story time and for toddler story time.  I pretended to be good and listen, but really I was just looking at a really cool black and white striped shirt the kid in front of me was wearing.

An Extra Play Day

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I’m pretty sure today is Monday, but mom and dad didn’t go to work.  Mom said she has to be gone now on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  That’s a lot of days, so it’s nice when I get to see them extra.  I makes me sooo happy.  I play games with dad and mom plays pictures.


Dad and I checked out the floor.


We also inspected his knees and my feet.


This is how I give kisses.

This is the smile I’ve been working on, I call it my coy smile.  The way it works is I smile then look away a little, it makes other people smile too.


The Final Grandma

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I met the final Grandma on our trip to Iowa.  Now I know that I have a Great Grandma Roma, a Great Grandma Ramona, a Great Grandma called Nana, A Grandma Kim, A Grandma Susan and a Step Grandma called Maw Maw.  Six Grandmas is a lot to remember. It also means I have a good supply of knitted hats, and blankets.  I took a bath at Great Grandma Ramona’s house, they’re not so bad anymore.  Sometimes I even kick my feet and splash the water.

Oh, and here is a picture of my dad with his mom and siblings plus Uncle Mark’s Girlfriend and Aunt Sara’s wife Andrea

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear, Cham Pie Gnon was a Mushroom

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I really like to play with my friend Oliver.  It’s so funny when he dances and uses his robot hand to “shoot fireworks of great joy.”  They do bring me great joy.  Let’s see, I haven’t been up to too much this week.  I still do tummy time and try to sit up in the bumbo (that green thing that I’m sitting in while wearing my hat in a previous post.)  Max and Oliver just wear it on their heads.  Oh!  I got a Christmas present named Cham Pie Gnon.  Mom says if you put it all together it’s Champignon which is french for mushroom.  It is a squeaky toy that is mushroom shaped, so that makes sense.  But the pronunciation doesn’t.  It’s not Cham – pig – non, it’s sham-pē’-ñōn.   Well like I said, it’s a squeaky toy, but that means that the doggies at my house think it’s their toy and when we’re at Hannah’s house, Max thinks it’s his toy.  Good thing mom taught me how to share.  Oh yeah, I also got a Christmas present from Oliver.  It’s a stuffed Eve robot from the movie Wall-E.  He wrapped it for me himself, he was going to give me something else but I don’t think his paper fit around it.  Anyway, I’m still not sure about toys.  Sometimes I like them… sometimes I don’t.

New Routine

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During the week mom makes me get up really early.  For the first couple of days I decided to be nice and sleep for six hours at a time.  We’ll see if I feel like doing that all the time.  I do like it when I get to see people in the night.  Anyway, now we get up early in the morning and mom gives me to Hannah and Max and Oliver.  Mom’s not there to take pictures and play with me, but that’s ok because Hannah takes the pictures and Max and Oliver play, they’ll even do a song and dance for me.  Oliver asked if he could babysit me for 2 hours, but his mom said no.  I thought it would have been fun.  Sometimes he’ll jump up and down and make noises and I can’t help but laugh at him.  Max asks if we can play tummy time and Oliver says it’s his job to make me happy which of course means dressing up in hats.

Thank you Hannah for the pictures…



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I have never seen a flower growing out of the ground, but I have seen plenty of bare branches covered in snow.  It was nice the other day when it was 70 degrees out, I watched Oliver and Max play soccer. This weekend the light dusting of snow we were supposed to have turned into quite a bit more, so I had to go out and see it.