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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Make a Stand

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I like standing.  I have ever since I was little.  Usually someone has to hold my hands, but lately I kind of like to stand without someone holding on.  Mom says I have to remember to hold on to something or I’ll fall down.  It’s tough to remember to hang on when you see something you want to grab though.  Besides, I see other people standing without holding on.  Mom mentioned some saying about having to crawl before you can walk, but I’m not so sure about that.  I’ve been trying out the hands and knees position, but it’s not nearly as fun as standing.  I still need help to stand though, that’s one drawback, but if someone conveniently sits me on their lap next to something I can grab, I can almost get up on my own.  Soon I won’t have to stay where I’m put and I can go after those bright things and the doggies.


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During the week I stay pretty busy.  I supervise in the kitchen, I pose for pictures, I help Hannah take pictures, I do superhero work and keep the living room crime free… it’s enough to really tire a person out.


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Sometimes when I get put in my car seat we go places I know. Places like Hannah’s house, or home or this one restaurant where the waiters talk to me in a funny way that makes me laugh because their tongue rolls all around in their mouth.  Sometimes I have to sit in the car seat for a long time and when I get out, we’re in a new place.  On Sunday, we went to a new place, but I saw my friends there. I also saw a whole bunch of flowers all around. It was cool. But then we went home, and I noticed a bird in the sky.  Have you ever seen little creatures just flying around? I know I’m little, but I can’t fly.  It’s really an amazing thing, jaw-dropping actually.

Rocketships and Castles

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When my friends build forts I like to climb in and play too. It gets really funny when they start making sound effects. Like whoosh, boom and laser pa-choo pa-choo noises. I laughed at their blast-off rocket noises while I was in the box/rocket wearing a headband that mom made me out of some paper I found to crinkle.

My friend Oliver is very smart. If I ever want to know about something all I have to do is ask him. He said that we live in Golden, which is next to Denver, just like his secret lair is next to my secret castle.  He really explains things well.


Thank you Hannah for taking these pictures of my adventures.

My First Easter

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Happy Easter everyone!  We had a very nice weekend.  We walked with Oliver and Max and their Grandpa and Hannah to the park for an Easter Egg hunt.  I found an egg and then I found these really great wood chips that were even better!  Sometimes I try to do what Max does, but he doesn’t always like it when I touch him and he tells on me.  He was afraid of the Easter Bunny though, I wasn’t.  I wasn’t even very impressed with it. I think I make a better Easter Bunny.

We Have a Winner!

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Grandma Kim guessed exactly right. I was in the 70th percentile for height. Dad and Grandma Susan were very close though. I will send Grandma Kim her prize from me soon, but if you’re sad that you didn’t win I’ll give you one more chance to guess. What percentile do you think my head circumference is? Your hint is that it’s lower than my height percentile.  We were waiting for the doctor so long that I got sleepy, but I did a good job being brave when they gave me shots.


What Came First – Chickens, Eggs, or Bunnies?

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It snowed today, but Mom says it will get warm again and that we have to practice for this weekend.  There is going to be an Easter Egg hunt in the park on Saturday and I’m going with my friends to go find eggs.  I’m not sure why you have to find eggs, or what you do with them once you find them.  But I do know you have to look high and low and in all the sneakiest places you can think of where an egg might hide.  Last weekend it was nice and warm, so we went outside to practice.  I think I did a pretty good job watching out for those eggs.

I thought eggs were supposed to be white and they came from chickens.  I saw chickens once before. I am very confused because now eggs are colored and they come from rabbits.  Do the colors make them taste better? I see bunnies in the front yard sometimes, but I’ve never seen colored eggs.  I guess mom was right, the eggs really are sneaky about where they hide.