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Max and Oliver and Hannah are teaching me how to play games.  The first step is to hide your eyes, like this.


Looking for The Best Snow Ice Cream – Comparing Recipes

I really like to cook, I use my play kitchen and my pans to mix and stir and taste test all day. But usually I’m not allowed to use the stove or the oven, so when mom said she found something I could help cook, I was very excited. It snowed a whole bunch, almost as much as I am tall, so we made snow ice cream. All you need is some sweet stuff and some milk and some vanilla and some snow. Mom and Sort-of-Aunt Sarah said we would be science chefs and experiment to see which snow ice cream recipe tasted best.

First we mixed up some cake batter snow ice cream from a recipe mom found on her computer, I guess you can find more than kitties in the computer.  But since we mixed in some cake flavored vodka, I couldn’t have any.  Vodka is only for people who are old.  Mom said it tasted pretty good.

Then we tried making a kind of snow ice cream that had instant pudding in the mix.  Mom wouldn’t let me have that either because it had cream in it and if I have dairy it gives me a tummy ache.  Sort-of-Aunt Sarah said she liked that one extra because it had cream instead of condensed milk.  Mom agreed.

Next we tested Paula Deen’s recipe for snow ice cream, but after one little taste, Sort-of-Aunt Sarah and Mom washed it down the sink, so I didn’t get any again!  They said it was waaay too sweet.

I was very unhappy that I helped make so much ice cream and I didn’t get to taste any of it so I told them how mad I was.  Mom didn’t listen, she just said I must need a nap.  Well, I should not have left Sort-of-Aunt Sarah alone in the kitchen.  She tried making snow ice cream without my help and she used sprite instead of milk in the pudding recipe.  She didn’t even let mom taste it, she kept it all for herself and the sink.

Finally mom made a version of snow ice cream that I could eat.  She just added sugar and vanilla to the snow.  It didn’t really taste very good.  She tried mixing in some almond milk, but it was still just sort of crunchy from the sugar.   Maybe I don’t like ice cream.

Mom and Sort-of-Aunt Sarah had one last idea.  Since they liked the pudding version, they decided to try to put the cream and sugar in the mixer and make it all fluffy before they added snow.  One problem with the other snow ice cream was that it melted so fast it turned very soupy.   They decided they liked that version best, but mom said after so much snow ice cream she had a belly ache.

Dad and Almost-Uncle Corey came home and tried some of the snow ice cream from the freezer.  They said they liked the cake batter version best.  I didn’t really care anymore. After all that hard work cooking snow ice cream, I just wanted to go play in the snow.

IMG_9193 IMG_9225 IMG_9230 IMG_9232a IMG_9213a IMG_9215a IMG_9226 IMG_9227

Accidental Angel

Today it snowed, but we didn’t get a snow day. We did get to go out and play in the snow though. I think the snow is alright, but what I really like is shoveling. Back before I was born, mom said I couldn’t have stuffed animals, only shovels as toys. So I got a few toy shovels. My favorite one is as tall as me and I walk around shoveling things with it at home. Corey also lets me use his shovel to help get the snow off the driveway. So I was pretty sure Hannah needed my help since I probably have more shoveling experience than she does. Somewhere along the way, the snow, or maybe it was my boots, tripped me and I fell backwards straight into the snow. Hannah tried to get me to flap my arms, but I did NOT want to lay there in the cold snow any longer than I had to. She said I made an accidental snow angel and mom laughed and laughed when she heard. Why do grown ups laugh at things that aren’t funny?



Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I got put in the corner with the hearts on the wall so many times to take pictures that I finally just had to pull the hearts down so I could go play and not have to worry about getting put back there again.

IMG_8777 IMG_8839
IMG_8735 IMG_8746a IMG_8847 IMG_8848 IMG_8850 IMG_8870 IMG_8901 IMG_8903 IMG_8908

Keeping Busy

It’s been a busy week so far. I helped Hannah go shopping, and of course I had to take a bag to help carry groceries. I have also been working on keeping bad guys away using borrowed light-sabers. Phew, the week is not even half way over yet. I’ve still got to get through Valentine’s Day.




I think I told you before that my favorite food is crackers.  Graham crackers are still my favorite food, but I’ve been trying some other kinds of crackers lately.  Mom was eating some blue corn chips and salsa and I made her give me a taste.  I liked the salsa part, but not the chip part.  I saw Corey eating some stringy looking stuff called sauerkraut, he let me have some.  It was soo tasty, I hope mom makes sauerkraut for dinner soon.  I think sometimes mom leaves the best food for me, because she wasn’t eating the onions out of her pot pie, so I came over and finished them all up for her.  It was nice of her to give me the tastiest part.  Mom says her favorite kind of food is free.  I think my favorite kind of food is crackers and whatever I see on someone else’s plate.  I always try to taste what is on Max or Oliver’s plates and it tastes better than anything Hannah puts on my tray.


Why Computers Exist

Guys, I figured out what the computers do!  They play cat videos! Mom’s phone does it too, I think that is why everyone stares at computers and phones all the time. They are watching the kitties.  I just hand mom her phone and say “kitty” and she lets me watch them walk all around the screen, and I try to talk to them and say “meow” so they know I hear them.  Sometimes Dad hides his computer up on his bed, but I know he’s watching kitties.  He can’t hide them from me.


A Little of This a Little of That

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I get so many pictures taken that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. These pictures are from Hannah and Corey. They have fancy phones that take nice pictures of me and my friends playing. I am almost tall enough to reach the handle on doors and I try really hard to reach them so I can let the doggies in and out. I speak the doggies’ language. They say “woof woof” and I do too.
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